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Strengthens hair and motivates growth, good treatment for scalp and breakage, wraps the hair and protects it from chemicals found in other hair products, also soften the hair.700mlHow to use:Apply on wet or dry hair, cover and leave for an hour or two, rinse with shampoo.Notes:Store in fridge..
- nourishes hair and reduces hair loss-  encourages hair follicles to grow and gives hair volume- motivates hair growth - moisture and natural shine - improves the blood circulation - cinnamon is rich in nutrition, vitamins, and minerals that benefits the hair700mlHow to use..
Natural mixture of flaxseed, ziziphus oil, and herbs, helps strengthen hair follicles and growth, also cleans and refreshes the scalp.How to use:Apply evenly on scalp and massage for 5 minutes, put either 3echfa oil or herbs oil, and leave for not less than 3 to 4 hours then rinse it off with shampo..
create your packageChoose any 2 or 3 masks size 300 ml..
Eid Henna Eid Henna
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Eid Henna Set include1 Henna(choose your favorite)1 300ml Mask (gift)..
Eid Mask Set include2 masks(choose your favorite)1 (100 ml) Gift..
- contains protein that strengthens the hair and prevents breakage - contains hormones that strengthens the hair- Moisturizes hair- reduces hair loss700mlHow to use:Apply on dry or wet hair then cover, leave for an hour or two, then wash with shampoo Notes:- Store in fridge..
Foodherbs Herbal Hair Oil Mix (18 Vital Herbs) For Long, Thick, And Lustrous About this item For thick and long hair, prevents hair fall, grey hair, dandruff, body heat, Helps with damaged hair and hair growth 100% Herbal. No chemical pesticides, artificial additives or preservative&n..
Hair Growth TonicRice water ,Jujuba leaves , rosemary, a mixture of vitamins and oils of 3echfaHow to use:Shake well before using, apply sufficient amounts in the gaps and massage for a minute, leave it for 2 hours and more , wash itTo get the best results use before every showeNote: Store in fridge..
Heatless Hair Curlers Heatless Hair Curlers
New -67 %
Heatless Hair Curlers For Long Hair, No Heat Silk Curls Headband..
2.000KD 6.000KD
Henna Basket Henna Basket
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chose your  favorite Henna with 300ml mask include beauty care moisturizing  sheets also hand henna..
Henna with Indian Herbsherbal extract, softens and shines the hair, and enhances its growt1400mlHow to use: One or twice a week optional: you can add Katira 100 ml (3KD)mask 100m (3KD)Notes: - the henna does not dye grey hair - if used for a week keep in the fridge, for a mo..
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