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Hair Growth TonicRice water ,Jujuba leaves , rosemary, a mixture of vitamins and oils of 3echfaHow to use:Shake well before using, apply sufficient amounts in the gaps and massage for a minute, leave it for 2 hours and more , wash itTo get the best results use before every showeNote: Store in fridge..
- Improves hair growth and helps to reduce hairfall, rice water is rich with amino acid and vitamin E, C, and B- reduce hair breakage because it’s rich in protein- Protects hair frok damages- Strengthens the roots- Use for shiny, healthy, and smooth hairHow to use:After you rinse off shampoo, apply ..
solves all hair problems - enhances oily scalp- reduces dandruff - reduces rashes and redness - reduces scalp blisters- soothes the scalp How to use:- Apply on dry or wet scalp, does not require washing Note: - store in fridge..
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